How Statistics Affects the Effectiveness of Sports Betting

Successful sports betting is practically impossible without statistics. There is no way to calculate a possible result without first analyzing the event.

Therefore, experienced players before betting always study the statistics, collect information, analyze it, and then make conclusions and decisions.

Statistics as the main tool

Professional players and beginners always use statistics as the most effective and useful tool for betting. With its help, they get an excellent opportunity to assess the probability of a particular outcome without any help.

Statistics helps to assess the fairness of the odds offered by the bookmaker's office. In this way it is possible to avoid playing on sites where the odds are understated or overstated. But such types of fraud on the site certainly do not. And even here to play without using statistics, it is not worth it.

Of course, even the most careful analysis does not give a 100% guarantee of victory. But this way you can definitely increase the ratio of wins and losses in your favor. That is, the income from the bets will exceed your expenses.

Types of information analysis

You can analyze statistics in many different ways. Beginners mostly choose a superficial analysis. And professional betting players already resort to in-depth analysis.

Let's look at the features of each of them.

  • Superficial Analysis. This is the minimum of statistical study that beginners should do. Before making a bet, look at the position in the standings, assess the results of recent games. If it is a bet on a game between two teams, look at how they have played each other in the last few years. This is much better than betting on an outcome based on your intuition or personal preference. Such analysis does not take much time. But it increases the chances of success;
  • In-depth analysis. To improve the efficiency of their predictions, many players begin to study statistics in detail. They look not only at the standings or recent matches, but also evaluate additional factors. On the result of the game can affect a lot of things. This team of referees, the state of the lawn, the game on home field or away, injuries to key players, scandals within the team, firing or appointment of new coaches, assistants and so on. After this detailed analysis the picture becomes even clearer.

As you can see, statistics do play a big role in sports betting. And it is definitely not worth ignoring this tool.